Waiting for the ball to drop


Hello again PMBC peeps.
As I watch the last minutes of 2011 tick away, I wanted to take the time to remember this past year and look forward to my 20th year as President of the Pasadena Mountain Bike Club. Dang! Has it been that long?
This year, we had some great rides, parties, pump-track sessions, and some epic trips. We had many new faces come out and ride with us, rode some new trails and returned to some old favorites that were closed by the Station Fire. It always warms my cockles to see all of the new, like-minded crazies who take to our sport and have that enthusiasm show on their faces when they are railing some singletrack for the first time. They keep us old-timers excited. We also had other club members have milestones with marriage, parenthood and all the other things life brings.

Racing seems to have regained some of its appeal for club members and I don’t think it will slow down next year. Ray did a great job (as he does with all of the heavy lifting he does for the club) supporting all of the racing events he went to this year. Thanks to Ray-and everyone else-who make all the PMBC events, epic!

I personally, had a tough year, with my father’s illness and passing and (at last) the end of my long period of unemployment. I look forward to moving on to 2012 and know that it will be a better year. For the other club people out there still looking for work, I wish you better luck and know that you talented and creative people will find something that you want to do.

The club has many things to do this coming year. As we saw with the MWBA’s great strides this year, we also need to become more organized and have some purpose. Lots to talk about in upcoming meetings.
Anyway, I hope to get more miles of riding in this coming year and see more of you out on the trail. I also hope to make my return to the annual PMBC trip to Mammoth. I have been itching for it. My bikes have too.
Just a couple of minutes left, so I wish you all a safe and prosperous 2012! If the Mayans were right, oh well….

Happy Trails,