It’s been really hot and I’m sure you must know to drink water. Well waiting until you are in the baking sun climbing up the mountain may be too late. Everyone should have a full Camelback, 2 full large water bottles or some type of (70 oz- plus) hydration pack for these hot days. If you show up for a 2 hour ride with just one small water bottle you are sure to run out. I use this example because most of the club rides average 1 to 2 hours. Now here are a few suggestions for dehydration prevention. Plan your ride, and drink lots of water the day before. Your bodies cells can be pre-hydrated. What I mean by this is most of us are a little dehydrated anyway and by drinking alot of water the day before you will replenish your cells to their maximum capacity. Now for those of you that eat a low carb diet,EAT CARBS! Carbohydrates will allow you to store more water and energy and you will probable burn more fat because of the added energy. Since this is not a fad diet, BLOG…back to the water. How much water? Try to drink .75 to 1.5 ounces per pound of body weight, the day before. Then during your ride,drink a few ounces every 5 minutes.Waiting until you are thirsty is too late. When you stop and rest, try to drink more water (6 to 8 oz), and if it has been an hour of riding, you should eat a snack. What about Gatorade, Cytomax, Poweraid and all those other electrolyte replacement drinks? They are great, and work well to sustain energy. Just try them out before your epic ride. Remember you can never have too much water so drink up and ride!