Well, those were obvious Poll results.

Don’t read this if you haven’t voted in the current poll, or haven’t viewed the results.

Not surprisingly, everyone so far has voted to ride Anywhere They Can. Duh. I didn’t put much thought into the poll, other than my effort to make sure that people know that a forest closure isn’t the end of the world. As Martin mentioned, the Verdugos are a viable alternative, as well as the other places I mentioned.

As I recall, the last time the forest closed, it didn’t open until about January. So we’ll be without some of our favorite riding spots for a few months. But those aren’t our only favorite riding spots. I’m very fond of Marshall Canyon, as well as Chesebro. Then there are places such as Bonelli, Fullerton Loop, Chino Hills, and Turnbull Canyon. We’re just spoiled with all the great local riding we have in our own back yard (ANF). There’s nothing we can do about the closure, except to hope for rain, and hope that nothing burns until then. This is certainly better than having our mountains burn up.

If you’re still sad about the whole thing, maybe a trip to Interbike will cheer you up. It’s for industry folks, so if you can schmooze your way in with a friend in the industry, you can spend your week in Vegas lusting after the latest in bike gear, hitting all the evening social events, and riding the local trails on demo bikes. But, again, you’ll really have to schmooze your way into this show, and probably sell your soul, or something equally demeaning.

So it’s not all doom and gloom. There’s still TONS of riding available to you, and we’ll still be out riding every weekend. If you can’t make a ride, but are still dying to ride and need trail suggestions, go ahead and shoot our mailbag some e-mail and we’ll spill the beans on some of our other favorite places to ride. Just remember, a forest closure is no excuse to not ride.