Where did March go?

Last month seemed to sneak by me. The good news is that I’m working in Pasadena now, so I don’t have so much of a commute. The bad news is that new jobs tend keep one extra busy for a while. It’s been almost two months and I’m just now feeling like I’m up to speed.

March didn’t get by completely unnoticed. My dad and I did make it out to the LA Marathon bike ride with Ray, Eddie, Bob, Jonathan, and a few thousand others. It seemed lighter out this time around. It was a great day for a ride, and it felt comfortable for all of us. My dad turns 79 this month, and he still keeps a pretty good pace. I bet we’ll be doing the next several LA Marathon rides. Next year he’ll be “almost” 80, but after that, he’ll officially be in his 80’s. You don’t see too many ancients out on a bike, but they’re out there. And some of us thought we were old.

I’ve been working on a redesign of the site that I started before I got my new job. The redesign’s on hold, but a sneak peek of it is at http://test.pmbc.org. I expect to finish it once summer comes around.

I also learned about a new form of Internet slime. We all know what Spam is like, and sometimes we see spam posted to message boards, and such, but now there’s something called Referrer Spam. Most websites don’t make their visitor logs public, but some spammers think it’s worth filling logs with bogus requests that look like someone visited a site by following a link on the spammer’s website. pmbc.org probably gets more hits from Referrer Spam than by legitimate users. I’ve just about got this latest scam blackholed, but if you find some odd behavior when trying to visit the site, drop me a line.

Speaking of Spam, if you’re getting tired of it in your mailbox, members can get POPmail accounts here at pmbc.org that blocks a hefty amount of spam, or one of us Gmailers (John, Martin, myself, and maybe others) can send you a Gmail invite. Just let us know if you’d like a relatively spam-free email account.

Tomorrow’s the Pancake Breakfast at Millard Campground. I’ll be there. I’m already craving pancakes. If I’m lucky, I’ll come home with a full stomach and some schwag. See you there!