Why can’t I climb

Nice weather has been shining on my back lately. The commutes have been relatively peaceful and routine. Nobody has bothered or buzzed me on the way to work. The sweat quotient is a little up, but nothing that can’t be managed.

The 5am rides with VDV are going well, though Wednesday I truly was suffering, after repairing an overnight flat. But that was Wednesday. Today our morning ride attracted two more participants, Jack and Eric. Meeting at TJ’s So. Pas. at 5am we set off in pursuit of some miles before the sunrise. Thing were looking good the pace was a little high, but manageable. Our first sprint was a bust as I took off only to see Martin relaxing a bit behind. As I sat up he then come bye and jumps, somewhat muttering that he got the win. Yeah right! On the way up to Altadena, I was accused of speeding up things via jumps by VDV. Some how he thinks that a slight pick up in cadence equates to a jump, seated no less.

After super suffering up Altadena Dr., props should go to jack for having the nutz to try to hang on VDV’s wheel; we started to go down Windsor. Riding in our little group I was then buzzed by some White Trash Guy in a late model Monte Carlo. The jerk passed within inches, what was worse was that every other car had given us plenty of room, as the road was wide open. I jumped at the chance of giving the guy a couple of choice words and maybe a water bottle in the window. Having seen me in the mirror he started to floor it and tail gate the car in front of him so I wouldn’t catch him. What a chicken!

On another note, I went to see a small comedic production at the Pasadena Balcony Playhouse called “Le Comedie du Bicyclette”. It was a little bit French, and had sophomoric adult themes, right up “El Presidentes’” alley, but for those interested in anything bikes it offers you the chance to take your Significant Other to the Theater and get something bike related.

I also noticed this morning that my Titanium bottom bracket has seen its last days. I believe that it is bent. As VDV said, “You ain’t the svelte 180 lbs. you once were.” Who said that 180 is svelte? I guess I will be seeing the guys at PC this weekend for an overhaul.

And finally as my fingers are starting to complain, let me link you up with some good cycling photography via Graham Watson’s website. Check it out www.grahamwatson.com