Working on the Chain Gang

Did trail maintenance for the first time two weekends ago. It was a blast and opportunity to give back. Volunteer groups showed up from the Forest Service, a local school, CORBA, OTB and PMBC. There had to be more than 40 people. The Forest Service briefed us on what needed to be done as well a cautioned on what we could do, chiefly based on our apparel. If anyone is contemplating doing any trail work, it is recommended to wear long sleeves, long pants and boots, if you want to use any of the larger tools. After words we were given a choice of tool, a Mcleod (a large two sided rake that this flat on one site), Polanski (looks like an axe), loppers, saw or shovel. We broke up into smaller groups and hiked up the trail then chose a spot to groom. Places were marked with ribbons where drainage was to be created. We were instructed to cut back the brush to create a path that was an arms spans wide. In exchange for our e-mail address, CORBA gave us lunch, El Pollo Loco, and commemorative socks and shirts. In all, it was a fun time. Everyone who rides should try it at least once.