PMBC Racers Compete at Dominguez Hills (California) Cyclocross

Images copyright 1998 Forrest Hayashi
Rough and tumble Cyclocross at Dominguez Hills
The pros and experts crank it out

Bill Barker Looking Fine
Bill Barker looking for the finish line

Celia Sandbloom fighting hard
Celia Sandbloom runs up one of the many obstacles

Eric Fraer looking ill
Eric Fraer looking for a clear place to blow chunks

Keith Sandbloom digging in
Keith Sandbloom the cyclocross man

Piero Longhi seeking divine intervention
Piero Longhi with his race face!

Martin Van Der Veen Using a mountain bike
Martin Van der Veen on his mountain bike!

Tony Quiroz gasping for breath
Tony Quiroz gasping for breath after a hard 10 yards
( or Tony "thumb cuffs" Quiroz looking for a place to put his thumb!)