Pasadena Mountain Bike Club
Death March 1998:
East Fork of the San Gabriel River - The Bridge to Nowhere
All photos and text Copyright © 1998 Jon Trent Adams

What a journey. Started (and ended) under cloudless iridescent blue skies deep in the San Gabriel Mountains northeast of Azusa. The East Fork was flowing cold, fast and was this gorgeous blue-green color that soothed the eye. Martin Gomez, Jeff Klein and Jon Adams participated in this near-perfect ride. What would have made it perfect? A real trail, less yucca to get punctured by (ouch!), less cactus to fall into (eeeek!), and more time to make it all the way up to the Bridge to Nowhere and spend a little time in the river.

Jeff and Martin in an early creek-crossing

Ok, so we weren't exactly alone

It gets a lot deeper than this

Can you spell "Yucca Spines"?

Sketchy spots on scree slopes