[This is a letter from our German friend, Dirk]
Hi Martin!
How are you? Sorry, that I took such a long time to answer your last mail. But last summer was almost perfect and I was able to spend a lot of time on my bike. I bought a new frame and a new fork, after I became 30 years old, I decided to buy a full-suspension bike, because, when you get older you have to be well aware of your health, or maybe it was just to be a bit faster on the trails. I went biking a lot last year, about 1000 miles and about 135,000 ft. in altitude.
Enclosed you find pictures from my longest bike trip last year. We went to Italy, to Lago di Garda, and climbed Monte Altissimo. It was a long descent, about 7500 ft., almost every inch on singletrail. On the other hand, we had to climb the mountain before and we had a pretty hard time in the saddle and in the hour-long hike-a-bike section close to the summit. But after all it was a really epic ride and I still think about it.
I hope, you still enjoy biking as much as I do, and I really look forward to start this year's biking season.
Best regards,
Italian House & Riders

Italian Downhilling