Pasadena Mountain Bike Club
Pearl Harbor Dive Bomb '97 Ride
All photos and text Copyright © 1998 Jon Trent Adams
Mount Wilson to Pasadena via the Mount Wilson Toll Road and the Mt Wilson Trail to Sierra Madre, then surface street to Pasadena!

It was 38°F at Wilson when we arrived at about 8:15am Sunday, December 7th. Foggy, a light drizzle, the ground soaked and the creeks running from a couple of days of El Niño rain, it promised to be a great ride. Martin "El Presidente" Gomez, Tony "The Peck" Quiroz, and Jon "Seldom-Seen" Adams made up the contingent of hardened, ultra-pro downhillers (yeah, right) who would make this annual journey.

The elevation at the top of the Toll Road at Wilson is 5600' - the elevation at Pasadena Cyclery(PC), the end of the line, is about 800'. Total horizontal distance is about 12 miles, with most of the drop in the first 6. We met at about 7:40 at Pasadena Cyclery, the starting point for many of our rides. Today, since it was going to be a one-way ride, I left my truck at PC and we loaded the bikes up into Martin's truck for the run up the mountain. Once we finished the ride and had returned to PC, I'd then ferry Martin back up the hill to grab his truck.

ph0.jpg (15260 bytes)
The Butt Brothers load up the truck for the ride up the hill.

In the image above, the San Gabriels are in the background, about 3 miles away, and Mt Wilson, the immediate goal, is the flat ridge on the skyline right where the telephone pole is. From PC, it'd be a 9 mile drive up the 210 Freeway to La Cañada and the Angeles Crest Hwy, then 20 miles up that to Red Box at about 4500', then a final 5 miles of twisty-turny narrow two-lane in the clouds to the 5600' elevation of Mt Wilson.

ph1.jpg (15723 bytes)
Our intrepid crew readies themselves at Wilson

Today I was borrowing PC's new Klein Mantra Pro bike - $2400 of really cool, ultasuspended aluminum alloy that promised a wild ride. With a sweet paint job and top of the line components, it was going to be a far cry from my old warhorse. I was more than a little concerned with crashing the bike and destroying it...

When we arrived at Wilson, we were in the midst of a cloud, the temp around 40F, and a light drizzle. In expectation of cold, I had purchased the day before some Izumi winter gloves, and had heavily layered myself for the ride down the hill. There wasn't gonna be much heat generation on a downhill dive bomb, and in fact there'd be the windchill to deal with.

ph2.jpg (20238 bytes)
At the turnoff from the Wilson Toll Road onto the Santa Anita Ridge Trail

ph3.jpg (15935 bytes)
At the Mt Wilson Trail junction
ph4.jpg (17857 bytes)
Martin gives the high sign
ph5.jpg (27831 bytes)
Tony shows us how it's done
ph6.jpg (16285 bytes)
For those of us who're slow, Tony shows us again!
ph7.jpg (35903 bytes)
Jon in one of his RARE appearances on a mountain bike
ph8.jpg (21179 bytes)
The Mt Wilson Trail requires some minor boulder hopping
ph9.jpg (18450 bytes)
The boys rest for a final shot in a quiet glade