Your Body, Your Investment

Your body is your most important investment! Here is a look at my daily routine.

A fit body is not just for elite athletes who plan, prepare and train to stay in shape so they can perform. Maybe you aren’t going to make a living that requires you to be ultra-fit. However, you only have one body. Take action to stay fit and cultivate healthy habits. You already know, a basic plan for fitness is your key to living your best life day-to-day for the rest of your life.
Consider what it means to be fit: By being fit, you support your body’s ability to heal, to operate at optimum level and to live a balanced life. Also, to be truly successful in life, you need a body that works at full potential. That means being physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally on top of your game. Your body is your instrument for being the best of who you are.
Muscles – Use them or lose them! For example, if your body finds you don’t use certain muscles it says, “I Guess I don’t need those leg muscles anymore.” So your leg muscles atrophy. Later on, you find it is hard to take a flight of stairs or even stand up from being seated without the aid of a chair because your muscles have become so weakened. Your body needs good nutrition and exercise to function properly! Not using your muscles or increasing your circulation and lack of hydration will eventually lead to health issues. Exercise enhances your cardiovascular and respiratory health and reduces your risk of disease. And according to doctors, 90% of this is preventable by simply: exercising, eating nutritious foods and living a balanced life.
Why exercise is imperative. The latest scientific studies show that exercise increases the number of memory cells in the brain. How many of those were wasted during your foolish youth? This is especially important with the epidemic of Alzheimer’s (5 million people now – projected 7.5 million by the year 2030.) Yes, exercise and nutrition work together for whole health.
The Stress Factor. According to the American Psychological Association, most Americans are concerned about the amount of stress in life today. Stress is a psychological and physiological response to events that upset our personal balance in some way. Frustration, conflict and pressures all add to the stresses we all undergo day-to-day. However, it is not what happens to you that matters. What matters is your response to what has happened. So what’s the problem?
Stressed Out Response – You see it all the time. People getting upset easily, always frustrated then flying off the handle. They react with fiery rage because they are so stressed out. Too much stress undermines the body’s immune system. Your body shuts down to cope. However, as a physically fit person, you are able to respond with wisdom and equanimity.
Okay, so I am getting little carried away. However, I just want you to know how important it is to stay relaxed and keep yourself in check.
My personal challenge: I need to tell you this. I had to cultivate good health habits. If you were to see my family (mother, aunts, uncles and grand parents) you would notice how we are genetically predisposed to obesity. Yes, I am definitely in danger of being overweight. If I don’t watch myself, I can blow up like a balloon. So, I have made a healthy lifestyle my biggest asset and it certainly keeps me enthusiastic and energetic. I consciously work to stay in the best shape.
What to do: Have a plan that keeps you vital, physically fit, mentally and emotionally on top of your game.
My Fitness Regimen:
This routine of exercise, good nutrition (diet) and supplements keeps me energized and enthusiastic about life.
Upon Arising Water – 8 ounces; coffee with 1 teaspoon of raw sugar and 1% milk
Strawberry Smoothie – Recipe: 8oz plain non-fat yogurt, with 2 scoops of Cytosport’s Muscle Milk, strawberry flavor; 1 scoop of 100% whey protein, 4oz plain soy milk, 4oz orange juice, 2oz. frozen fruit (strawberries) and ice. (Yield, two servings.)
8:00 a.m. Smoothie Breakfast – One serving of smoothie, coffee, multivitamin, and water
9:30 a.m. Oatmeal – 1 / 2 cup of McCann Quick Cooking Irish Oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of Bob’s Red Mill flax seed meal, 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 oz. of soy milk or almond milk.
10:30 –11:30 Water – 2-3 glasses of water.
12 Noon Workout at Gym – strength training 45 minutes followed by smoothie and water.
1:30 p.m. Lunch – 4-6oz. of lean meat with rice and steamed vegetables.
2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Water – 4 to 5 more glasses.
4:00 p.m. Snack – Balance Bar, Zone Bar or Promax Bar.
7:00 p.m. Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar (1 oz) diluted with 1 or 2 glasses of water just before dinner
Dinner – Chicken, beef or fish with rice, potatoes or pasta with steamed or stir fried vegetables.One beer or a glass of wine with diner.
Before Bed Protein Shake – 1 scoop of “Muscle Milk” mixed with 8 oz. of rice milk
Sleep 8 hours – average about 7

I stay pretty consistent with this regimen Monday through Friday and vary it a little on the weekends.
Weekly Workouts weight resistance training – 4 times a week
Cardio training – 4 times a week, the two spin classes that I teach and two mountain bike rides.
The bottom line: I drink a lot of water throughout day and I add extra protein to my diet during key times of the day. I did not go into detail with the specific amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats or total calories. Nor did I list all the specific types of supplements I use because that is really based on your detailed goals. Making good eating habits and exercise a part of your normal daily routine is the point to take home. Cultivate healthy eating and exercise habits and you will stay wealthy with physical fitness.